🀝Avabot Affiliation

Avabot introduces the 'Affiliate Menu,' a lucrative way for you to earn from referrals. When you refer someone using your unique link, you'll receive 50% of the fees they generate on the bot, and this benefit lasts a lifetime.

This feature is designed to reward our users for expanding the Avabot community. It's a simple yet effective way to earn passive income. Every time someone you referred makes a transaction, a portion of the fees they incur comes directly to you.

The 'Affiliate Menu' makes tracking and managing your referrals straightforward. You can see how many people you've referred, monitor the fees they generate, and view your accumulated rewards, all in one place.

This ongoing revenue stream is our way of saying thank you for bringing new members into the Avabot family. It reflects our belief in building a community where everyone benefits – not just from our platform's features but also from its growth.

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